Project Case

Project Case

TCWY has rich experience and know how in domestic and foreign engineering projects, a few notable cases including a 250,000 NM3/hour of LNG project for Handan Xinsheng Energy Group, 50,000 NM3/hour of methanol cracking hydrogen production for Gansu Huasheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., 12,000 NM3/hour of coke oven gas hydrogen extraction for Korean Hyundai steel Co, Ltd.  500,000 Nm 3/day coke oven gas methanation to LNG for Nangang, Xinjiang, and 2,400 NM3/hour VPSA Oxygen production project for Samsung SDI, Korea, and so on.

After years of intensive hard work, TCWY has rich experience in domestic and foreign engineering projects and has achieved major breakthroughs in many fields. We has expanded our business reach in over 20 provinces in China and overseas markets including South Korea, Russia, Japan, India, Philippines, Thailand, Southeast Asia and the Middle East regions.


12000Nm3/h COG-PSA-H2 Plant

Capacity: 12000Nm3/h
H2 Purity: 99.999%
Project Location: South Korea

2400Nm3/h VPSA-Oxygen Plant (VPSA-O2 Plant)

Capacity: 2400Nm3/h
O2 Purity: 93%
Project Location: South Korea


3000Nm3/h PSA Nitrogen Plant

Capacity: 3000Nm3/h
N2 Purity: 99%
Project Location: India


MDEA Decarbonization – CO2 Removal Plant

Capacity: Feed gas 35400Nm3/h
CO2 Purity: <0.3%
Project Location: China


Asia's Largest Landfill Gas-To-LNG Plant

Capacity: Feed gas 12500Nm3/h
Project Location: China


200000Nm3/d Oilfield Gas Desulfurization

Capacity: 200000Nm3/d
H2S Purity: ≤1PPmV
Project Location: China