TCWY’s Carbon Capture Solutions

  • CO2 Removal
  • Typical feed: LNG, refinery dry gas, syngas etc.
  • CO2 content: ≤50ppm


  • CO2 Recovery
  • Typical feed: CO2-rich Gas Mixture (Boiler flue gas, power plant flue gas, kiln gas etc.)
  • CO2 purity: 95%~99% by vol.


  • Liquid CO2
  • Typical feed: CO2-rich Gas Mixture
  • CO2 purity: according to customer’s requirement

Product Introduction


Without decisive action, the IEA estimates energy-related carbon dioxide emissions will rise 130% in 2050 from 2005 levels. Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) is the cheapest and, for certain industries, the only way to achieve carbon reductions. And is one of the most promising ways to reduce carbon emissions on a large scale and slow global warming.

In 2021, the European Commission hosted a high-level forum on CCUS, which highlighted the need to advance the development and deployment of CCUS technology projects over the next decade if the 2030 and 2050 decarbonisation targets are to be met.

CCUS involves the whole technology chain of carbon capture, carbon utilization and carbon storage, that is, carbon dioxide emitted in the industrial production process is captured into reusable resources by relying on advanced and innovative technologies, and then put back into the production process.

This process increases the efficiency of carbon dioxide utilization, and the captured high purity carbon can be "converted" into suitable feedstock for biodegradable plastics, biofertilizers, and enhanced natural gas recovery. In addition, the carbon dioxide trapped in the geology will also play a new role, such as the use of carbon dioxide flooding technology, enhanced oil recovery, etc. In short, CCUS is a process of using science and technology to "energy" carbon dioxide, turning waste into treasure and making full use of it. The service scene has gradually extended from energy to chemical industry, electric power, cement, steel, agriculture and other key areas of carbon emission.

Low pressure flue gas CO2 capture technology

• CO2 purity: 95% - 99%
• Application: Boiler flue gas, power plant flue gas, kiln gas, coke oven flue gas etc.

Improved MDEA decarbonization technology

• CO2 content: ≤50ppm
• Application: LNG, refinery dry gas, syngas, coke oven gas etc.

Pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) decarbonization technology

• CO2 content: ≤0.2%
• Application: Synthetic ammonia, methanol, biogas, landfill gas etc.